juNE 15

T.O.T.S (Tiny Ones Transport Service) premieres on Disney Jr - and we’re already renewed for a second season! I’m thrilled to be rejoining the creative team from “Goldie and Bear,” including Rob Cantor (songs), Greg Jenkins (score), and Lori Mozilo (creative executive.) 

January 5 “GoLDEN Revenge” for Warner Brothers

Musical work beings on the score for Blue Ribbon Content / WB’s “Golden Revenge,” directed by Tom Stern (Freaked) and starring David Cross (Arressted Development). Retrofit Films is producing, who I had the pleasure of working with back in 2006-2007 as composer for the official Smallville and Vampire Diaries web-series. The score is a mix of contemporary score  and retro Ennio Morricone infused goodness.  

APril 1 disney's "goldie and Bear" season 2 

After a well reviewed first season, Disney's "Goldie and Bear" was renewed for a second season!

March 15 "re/collection" PREMIERES at sun valley film festival

I had a lot of fun working on this dark, sci-fi thriller by Eva Konstanopoulos. It was particularly rewarding to explore some darker sounds and textures after writing so much orchestral music for Disney. Check out the score here.

jan 1 work begins on video game "potionomics"

I'm pleased to be working with an upstart game company, Voracious Games, on their debut game project. Stylistically, the game draws inspiration from Zelda, Little Witch Academia, and Pixar. Each character has a unique musical theme, developed with those characters as their storylines progress. Listen to some preliminary recordings here.